Sharia Games

The geography and region in which people live and spend their whole life contain certain beliefs and lifestyles, following which makes them comfortable and satisfied. Especially in the Middle East and South-Eastern Asia, nations believe in Sharia laws which refers to the values, code of conduct, and religious commandments or sacred laws which provide people with guidance in various aspects of life and boundaries set by it which guides the people whether the act was done by an individual is according to the Sharia or is prohibited by it. As Sharia defines the lifestyle and every step an individual takes with that it also defines a line or certain rules for the games and entertainment, opposing which are prohibited in the eyes of Sharia and people. Some of the guidelines in recognizing what is prohibited when it comes to games are the following:

  • Games which depict wars between the people of this world.
  • Games that include depictions of uncovered body, and some games that allow the winner to see a dress less picture.
  • Physical harm, such as damage to the eyes and nervous system.
  • Making people get used to violence and criminality, and teaching them to take one's life and harming people lightly.

Sharia tends to both individual and collective parts of life yet with regards to games these are of different sorts, with numerous viewpoints. Some of them appear as illusionary fights which train an individual in what to do in comparative conditions in genuine life, some depend on being alert to spare oneself from risk, battling foes and annihilating targets, arranging, having experiences, finding the exit from a maze, getting away from wild monsters, racing cars, planes, and so forth, beating hindrances, looking for treasure. A few games increment information and upgrade one's interests, for example, games that include dismantling things and assembling them back, jigsaw puzzles, building things, shading, and concealing and lighting. Simplifying the above text games and racing which boosts the thinking capability of an individual. recognizes the potential and energy of regions who believe in Sharia and according to theirs believe and by taking expert advice from the Specialists with the depth of knowledge of Sharia and its laws, for the users and players offers some racing and games which are 100% allowed in Sharia and is not contrary to the lifestyle of people from those regions and nations which is suggested by the sharia in any way. respects the individual beliefs and concerns of people for that reason as mentioned above took the expert advice concerning Sharia and designed games and racing acceptable to the regions and people from such regions. So that the users will feel at home and comfortable while playing games as according to Sharia there have been many games and instruments made from woods to animals that were used to play different games such as camel riding, horse racing, sword tournaments etc such games were the ornaments of historical socities that were acceptable then and even now are acceptable in the eyes of Sharia and keeping that in view designs the games and racing of animals which later would cause no distress for the people or the regions.