Rutger Runshang - Head of Business development
- more than 15 years of experience in sales & marketing - working in different areas of the world and familiar with different work cultures.

Paul Caulfield - relationship strategist manager
- when it comes down to negotiation he is our number one. He’s experience goes from working in real estate to working with financial institutes.

James Stevenson - Marketing Manager
- His experience comes from working in digital marketing and helping big brands creating a name in digital world for themselves. He is a specialist in google ads & YouTube ads.

Reza Ghiasi
- Introducing Reza Ghiasi, asset and fund manager at BVarb and BigVesta. With 5+ years in network marketing and affiliate programs, Reza ensures asset growth and security. He also spearheads marketing in the Middle East and responsible for Middle East market and holds blockchain and crypto certifications. Central customer care Department

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