Arbitrage is a superior and revolutionary solution for gaining money for the new generation. In today’s modern world, Arbitrage can become a new business model according to the current situation and the future of humankind in this dataism era.

The main Problem with crypto market these days is the way that its been introduced and it always works as a way of trend and fashion. Unfortunately people only enter these markets just to follow these trends and they forget how risky they might be, In fact this has been acceptable to the society as a fast way to earn. While there are many people who lose their life savings money in the stock exchange, trading etc. And In fact, the main winners are only brokers who receive commissions from your investment and trades. In the end, when your capital has been lost, by mentioning the riskiness of the stock market, Forex etc., they have made their action logical and principled, and finally the blame has been placed on you.

Arbitrage is the oscillation of a product, or a specific service in different exhibitors, whether it is traditional or modern.

For example, the price of a television of a specific brand and specifications is $1000 in your local market or retailers. On the other hand, the same television with the same specifications is $1200 on eBay. You can buy that TV from the local market at a lower price because of regional discounts and sell it on the site for lower than eBay’s price of $1200. If you do this, you are using Arbitrage in the traditional way.

Another example is the price of a foreign exchange in your region that is cheaper than the other areas. You can buy it and sell it, so you do oscillation of this price difference and in fact you do Arbitrage.

Even more contemporarily, imagine that you buy Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, with coefficient drops less than 1-3%, because of supply and demand in the market, and you sell it to another exchange at the same time. This price difference then makes you an Arbitrage. This was a modern day example for this system; now imagine that we use professional technology, such as big data and artificial intelligence in for this oscillation. Below we explain in further detail.

As we mentioned, Arbing comes from root ‘Arbitrage’, and it is used more in sport, entertainment, and online games. In fact, because of its technology model, this is a new generation of Arbitrage.

Arbing or Arb, especially in sport events, entertainment and online games has a structure. You can choose your default for both teams or groups, instead of only choosing one group or team as a default. However, in default bookmakers, you choose both teams as default; one team in one bookmaker and another in a different bookmaker.

For example, you want to set a default in a sport event, and using Arbing instead of gambling or betting to make money. Consider the following:

In a sport event, two teams of A and B compete against each other. In the world of gambling and betting, you choose one team according to its history and statistics. You will gamble and eventually you will win or lose, and you experience a risk in any case. Also gambling can be very addictive. In Arbing contracts, that is anti-gambling, you will both enjoy the events and making money.

You make a default on both teams A and B, but in two different bookmakers. For example, bookmaker X offers a default of 3 for A and a default of 2.1 for B, and bookmaker of Y sets 3.2 to A and default 1.9 to B.

In this situation, Arber defaults by considering different bookmakers’ numbers on both teams A and B. For example, you put $100 in bookmaker X on B, which has a default of 2.1, and $100 in bookmaker Y on A, which has a default of 3.2.

In this way, Arber has spent $200 on both teams A and B in two different bookmakers, X and Y. If team A wins, you will earn $320, and if team B wins, you will earn $210. Including the initial amount, the $200 that Arber spends, it means the best situation is 320-200=120 and the worst situation is 210-200=10$. So Arber makes money either way, the maximum net income of $120 and the minimum of $10.

Of course this is a simple example of Arbing's process in a sport event, and the information is a bit more technologically complex because of the use of precision tools for better defaults, which is exactly what does with big data tools, algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Since 1795, when Ogden, the first bookmaker in Newmarket, officially and legally started its work in Britain, the Arbers have traditionally been alongside this business and have continued to work with it.

At the end of the 20th century, despite the widespread use of the internet and the digitalization of traditional bookmakers, the profitable Arbitrage market expanded along with them and became available online. Since 2000, famous law companies have seriously entered this business. They invested billions of dollars in this business, and the most reputable companies were:

Bet Burger, Rebelbetting, Odds Monkey, BetSlayer, Oddstorm

Since 2015, due to the developing technology and default software, more advanced methods were added to Arbing, such as;

Basic Arb, MBG, In Running Arbing, Naked Arbing, Back-Lay, Bonus sport, Sharbing, etc.

The companies mentioned above have brought more trust and credibility to this business over the past twenty years, by reliable and almost risk-free revenue creation for their customers. is definitely a history maker in this field and will create a prestigious historical record due to its innovative technology.

Comparing Arbitrage with Trade, Forex, etc.

Among Trade, Forex, Options, Commodities, Equity, Crypto Trade, etc. you have to choose one of two options, which means that despite the fundamental science and calculations and even the assistance of robots in predicting and selecting one item from the two in Trade, Forex or Cryptocurrency, you are still at risk and now try to control that risk with these sciences.

For example, between USD/Euro or gold to oil and even Bitcoin to Ethereum, the trader or investor finally chooses one of the two options. It has often happened that the calculations did not go as expected and the market suffers heavy losses in the stock market, or major global crisis has happened.

The main gambling and even betting lies in the Trade, Forex, system etc. In terms of form and content, by changing the name or scenario of the game, they make it acceptable to society. While there are many people who lose their life savings money in the stock exchange, trading etc. systems. In fact, the main winners are only brokers who receive commissions from your investment and trading. In the end, when your capital has been lost, by mentioning the riskiness of the stock market, Forex etc., they have made their action logical and principled, and finally the blame has been placed on you.

In the Arbitrage, you default on two options, and instead of choosing one of the two options, you open the default on both options in different Exchanges. In this situation, without knowing the different fundamental or technical sciences and specialized sciences, you make money very easily and simply. In this method, your risk in income can be low or high, not in the principal of your assets, and in fact the maximum risk is in your income, not in the principal of your capital, because it has defaulted on both options and in both situations you will earn money.

Arbitrage is a company and a platform that relies on the best technologies to collect the leading data related to Arbitrage, Staking and entertainment with big data and modeling and refining this multi-tens of billions of dollars of information through algorithms and executive data empowerment, utilizing artificial intelligence and receiving the most accurate and best defaults in the Arbitrage industry, has been able to be at the foremost position among the best of this business in a short period. is supported by precise algorithms that use not only a robot, but an interconnected set of several bots and pattern analysis systems that along with information they receive from Big Data, send them to artificial intelligence to make it intuitive. In the end, they become the exact default for Arbitrage.

In the Arbitrage business, the most important ability is to gather a lot of information from the thousands of Arbitrage Data that are held daily. We know that manpower alone cannot find the best options for Arbitrage, or face an error. So relies on its smart engine, which is a combination of big data to collect data and exchanges' data, categorize and filter event information by an algorithm that models previous event behaviors, that is run by artificial intelligence, which is the most powerful execution part of the brain, big data is fed from it and the result is an exact default to present to Arbitrage.

In many trading sites, such as Forex, options etc., their technological reliance is based on robots, while in this is performed by combining big data, algorithms and artificial intelligence. Not only are robots only a small part of the strategic engine of , but also these levers themselves are a technological breakthrough in the field of presuppositions for all businesses. Besides, due to the high volume of financial transactions and monetary turnover of billions of dollars weekly, has created a fundamental solution for cyber money enthusiasts in Arbitrage, entertainment and Staking NFT & Altcoins in the dataism era, and suggests it as a top business to the world. Central customer care Department

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